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Useful Commands

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  • Useful Commands
    These commands are the most popular commands used on TMM.
    /spawn - Go back to the survival spawn. Here you can use your crate keys, craft magic items, claim Daily Bonus awards and more!

    /lobby - Return to the network hub. Here you can choose which gamemode you want to play.

    /guide - Opens the guide book. The guide book has some essential information about all the features on TMM. For more in-depth information, please use this wiki!

    /sethome - Set your home to where you're standing.

    /home - Return to where you set your home.

    /resources - Teleports you to the resources world. This world is a default generated map for you to collect resources [Read more]

    /msg [username] [your message] - Private message a user. (do not include the [brackets] when typing the command)

    /r - Reply to someone's private message.

    /bal - Check how many coins you have.

    /pay [username] [amount] - Pay another user.

    /lock - Lock a chest or door.

    /unlock - Unlock a chest or door.

    /cmodify [username] - Add someone to a chest/door lock.

    /trust add [username] - Trust someone to access ALL your locks.

    /trust remove [username] - Remove someones access to all your locks.