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Towny: Land Claiming

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  • Towny

    What is towny?

    Towny is a region claiming system which gives players huge control over their areas.
    The whole system is made up of tiers:

    • Residents (players)
    • Towns
    • Nations

    Residents are the members of a town and towns can be members of a nation.

    A town is made up by chunks of 16 by 16 blocks, these are the same regions as the minecraft "chunks", you can see these visually by clicking F3+G in-game.
    The town can claim and expand a certain amount of chunks depending on how many residents are in the town, or by buying bonus chunks for an exponential price.

    Both nations and towns have a bank which its members can put coins into, which are used to expand and pay an upkeep every 24 irl hours. If the upkeep is not payed, the town or nation will be deleted.

    Each level of the hierarchy can choose to tax their members if they wish. A nation can demand taxes from towns and towns can demand taxes from residents. These are optional for the owner to use or not.

    How to make a town

    A town is a collections of residents (or just one resident) with one resident as the mayor. A town also has a bank which the mayor can withdraw from or use to expand the town. A mayor can also have assistants who have similar power to themselves. If the mayor decides to take automatic taxes from residents coins will be automatically deposited from each player every 24 irl hours.

    How the town is made, step by step:

    • Stand where you want the town center to be, the teleport to the town.
    • To create the town, type "/t new [town name]" this will cost you 2000 coins.
    • Now you have a town, to see town info type "/t"
    • Put money into the town bank by typing "/t deposit [amount]"
      • Make sure you always have coins in the bank to afford the upkeep.

    Now time to invite your first member:

    • Type "/t invite [username]"
    • The invites player can accept with "/accept"

    How to expand your town

    If you followed the "How to make a town" above, you should now have a town that's 16 by 16 blocks big.

    Start off by clicking F3+G so you can see all the chunks around you.

    You automatically claimed the chunk you stood in when you created the town. To claim another chunk it costs 20 coins from the town bank.
    To do so, walk into a chunk connected to your already owned chunk and type "/t claim"
    You have now claimed another chunk for your town!

    To see how many chunks you have claimed and can claim, type: "/t" in-game.

    To get more available claims for your town you can invite more people to it or buy bonus claims using: "/t buy bonus [amount of extra chunks]"
    You'll then get the price in chat, you can accept the purchase or decline it. The price per each goes up the more you have bought.

    How to make an outpost

    Outposts are land claims owned by a town, but not connected to the town border.

    To create the outpost, type this "/t claim outpost"
    This will claim the chunk that you are standing in as an outpost. It will also cost you 1500 coins.

    You can now "/t claim" chunks connected to your outpost chunk.

    How to make a nation

    A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one town as the capital. The mayor of that capital is the king. A nation has it's own bank. It can also tax the towns that are part of the nation.

    To create the nation, type: "/t new [nation name] [capital]"
    Capital is the town that shall own the nation, usually your town.
    This will cost you 20000 coins.

    See nation info by typing: "/n"

    See all nation commands by typing "/nation ?"

    By having a nation you can get these benefits:

    • Bonus townblock claims for the towns, especially the capital.
    • Cheaper town upkeep
    • Increased outpost limit

    All Town commands

    • /t - Check town status
    • /t new [name] - Creates a new town
    • /t add/kick [player] - Add/kick a player to/from your town.
    • /t rank [add/remove] [player] - Modify town ranks.
    • /t leave - Leave town.
    • /t deposit [price] - Put money into the town bank.
    • /t claim - Claim the chunk at your location.
    • /t claim outpost - Claim an outpost at your location.
    • /t [circle/rect] [radius] - Claim in radius.
    • /t unclaim - Unclaim the townblock / chunk you are standing in.
    • /t spawn - Teleport to your town spawn.
    • /t spawn [town-name] - Teleport to a different town spawn, only works to towns within your nation.
    • /towny map - Shows a map of claims.
    • /towny prices - Shows all towny prices.
    • /towny top - Show the leaderboards.
    • /t say [msg] - Broadcast a message to your town.
    • /t reslist - List all town members.
    • /t online - List online town members.
    • /t buy bonus |amount] - Buy extra town claims.

    All Town settings

    • /t set board - Set town board.
    • /t set mayor - Promote someone else to mayor.
    • /t set name - Set the town name.
    • /t set homeblock - Set the town home chunk.
    • /t set spawn - Set the town spawn.
    • /t set perm - Set town perms.
    • /t set taxes - Set daily taxes.
    • /t set tag - Set the town tag.

    All Town toggles

    • /t toggle pvp - Turn pvp on / off.
    • /t toggle public - Make your town public or not.
    • /t toggle fire - Toggle firespread.
    • /t toggle mobs - Toggle hostile mobs on / off.
    • /t toggle explosion - Toggle explosions on / off.

    All Plot commands

    Plots are the individual chunks / townblocks

    • /plot set name [name] - Set plot name.
    • /plot set [type] - Set type. Types: shop/arena/embassy/inn/jail/farm/bank.
    • /plot set reset - Reset a plot type.
    • /plot forsale [price] - Put a plot up for sale.
    • /plot notforsale - Take down a plot for sale.
    • /plot toggle pvp/fire/mobs - Same as town toggles.
    • /clearprotections - Removes all chestlock protections from a chunk in your town.
    • /plot set perm [level] [type] [on/off] -. Set permission on plot, Level = resident/ally/outsider. Type = build/destroy/switch/itemuse. Example = "/plot set perm resident build off". This makes it so the residents can not place blocks in that chunk.

    All Nation commands

    • /nation - check nation status.
    • /nation [name] - Check specific nation status.
    • /nation list - List all nations.
    • /nation new [name] - Create new nation.
    • /nation online - List online nation members.
    • /nation deposit [price] - Put money in nation bank.
    • /nation leave - Leave a nation.
    • /nation say [msg] - broadcast a message to your nation.
    • /nation [add/kick] [town] - Invite or kick a town from your nation.
    • /nation rank [add/remove] [player] [rank] - modify nation ranks.