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TP Runes

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  • TP Runes

    Teleporting on our Towny SMP works a bit different to most places! We opt out of using /tpa, and decided to make teleportation something you would have to earn!

    Video Guide

    Item Recipes - We recommend that you watch the video above and then reference these recipes.

    Emerald above an Eye of Ender in a crafting table

    Bind the rune to where you wish it to teleport, by Crouching + Right clicking with the rune in your hand.

    You can now name the rune in an anvil, for example "Freds Base" so that you remember where it leads.


    A block that you can punch to teleport yourself and animals/monsters around it, you can use it again and again.

    Turn a strange rune into 9x Piece of Rune through the crafting table.

    Add a Piece of Rune to a brewing stand and make a drinkable teleport potion.

    Add gunpowder to your teleport potion through a brewing stand.

    Add dragon's breath to your splash potions using a brewing stand.

    Place a lingering rune potion in the middle of a crafting table and surround it with arrows