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  • TMM Survival Rules
    1. English Please - Please only use English in the main public chats. You may use other languages in private messages.​
    2. Discrimination - We have a zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination on TMM.​
    3. Respect - Respect all players and staff. Let's keep the chat civil.​
    4. Spam and Caps - Do not spam public chat, commands or messages. Also do not use excessive caps.​
    5. Personal Information - Never reveal the personal information of another player without their permission. This includes their real name, where they live and age.​
    6. Toxicity - If the staff believe you are being towel, you will be punished.​
    7. Advertising - We have a zero tolerance toward advertisers. This includes, but is not limited to: other servers, YouTube/Twitch channels, Personal/other Discord servers.​
    8. Immaturity - We do not mind younger players taking part in chat, but you should act maturely otherwise you may be muted.​
    9. Drug Paraphernalia - TMM is open to all ages, and we do not want to promote or endorse the use of drugs. Please do not glorify or create anything which resembles drugs.​

    Fair Gameplay
    1. Minecraft Bugs - Do not exploit bugs built into Minecraft, which are not intended features.
    2. Duping - Do not duplicate any items.
    3. Exploits - Do not exploit bugs which occur in any features of TMM.
    4. Hacked Clients - Do not use hacked clients or game alterations which automate or give you an unfair advantage.
    5. X-Ray - Do not use XRAY mods or texture packs.
    6. Scamming - Do not scam or con any other players.
    7. Association - If you are associated with anyone who breaks these rules and you fail to report them, you are also liable for punishment.

    1. Griefing - You cannot break structures that are built or claimed by other players.
    2. Distance - Please build minimum 100 blocks away from another person unless you've been given permission to build closer.
    3. Killing animals - Do not kill another player's animals. If they are clearly owned, don't touch them. Breeding the animals does not make it acceptable.
    4. Harvesting Crops - If you harvest another person's crops, replant them.
    5. Stealing - Do not steal someone's mobs, or from their furnaces, chests, etc. EVEN IF IT IS NOT LOCKED.