Dungeon: Deadbeard's Cove

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    Deadbeard's Cove is a really good place for beginners, just make sure you avoid the gun mobs.

    This dungeon is full of voice acting, music and sound effects.

    Recommended gear:

    • Any Armor (All enemies here will damage you the same no matter your armor)
    • Bow with power 5

    Estimated finish time: 10-20min


    Undead Crew Mate


    • Ectoplasm - 5% Chance

    Undead Crew Gunner

    The gunners will raise their gun, if you are close you can even hear them load it, before they shoot. When you see this or hear it, hide behind cover to make them miss.


    • Ectoplasm - 5% Chance



    • Raw Cod - 100% Chance


    These have a really cool death animation.


    • All default game skeleton drops.


    Captain Deadbeard

    Always drops 1 Ectoplasm

    Materials (drops 1 of these):

    • Magic Ingot - 10% Chance
    • Conduit - 20% Chance
    • Netherite Scrap x2 - 30% Chance
    • 2 Gems - 10% Chance
    • Vote Key - 15% Chance
    • 5 Diamonds - 15% Chance


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    • Build
    • Dungeon setup
    • Mobs
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    • Mob abilities
      • By Littleroom and Fred