Custom Items / Upgrades

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  • Custom Items (COMING SOON)

    Crafting and upgrading Custom Items

    Custom gear on Towny Survival includes some food, crystals, TP Runes, weapons and gear. Your first encounter with this system will happen when you craft your first Netherite Sword (See image below). This sword has a red crystal slot and will try to guide the player to this wiki page.
    You can find a red crystal to drag onto the sword in the Dungeons or sometimes from the player Marketplace.

    Step 1: Go to this NPC in survival spawn

    Step 2: Right click to preview the item you wish to craft

    Step 3: Click when you have all the materials

    At the item upgrades NPC in spawn you can upgrade a few items, each of these can be upgraded 8 times.

    Crystals can be found throughout the Dungeons and purchased from other players.
    You can NEVER change a crystal once it has been applied, so do not add one without thinking first.

    RED Crystals

    Red Crystals are offensive crystals.

    • Crystal of Attack Speed
      • Increase attack speed of a melee weapon
    • Crystal of the Blade
      • Increase weapon damage of a melee weapon by percentage
    • Crystal of the Archer
      • Increase projectile damage by percentage
    • Crystal of PVE Damage
      • Increase all damage to non-player entities by percentage
    • Crystal of PVP Damage
      • Increase all damage to players by percentage

    BLUE Crystals

    Blue Crystals are defensive crystals.

    • Crystal of Secret Fire
      • % Fire Damage reduction
    • Crystal of the Paladin
      • % Magic Damage reduction
    • Crystal of Sagita
      • % Projectile Damage reduction
    • Crystal of the Tank
      • Total % Damage reduction

    Item Skins change the appearance of your already owned weapons, tools and helmets.

    Item Skins can be purchased from spawn, found in Dungeons or at the player Marketplace.

    You can only apply a 1 skin to 1 item, it can not be reversed and you can't apply a new skin to the same item.