Towny Survival Rules

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Towny Survival Rules list
Last updated:
Effective from:
24 December 2020
25 December 2020

1. You cannot break other people's builds or structures.

2. You cannot build within 300 blocks of someone else's base unless you first ask for permission.

3. Natural structures which have clearly been claimed by another user, such as dungeons, villages, temples and outposts should also be left untouched.

4. Do not kill another players animals/mobs/villagers. If they are clearly "owned", then they are not to be killed.

5. Harvesting crops is fine so long as you replant and fix any farmland that may dry out.

6. You cannot steal items from a persons chest, furnace, and other such containers, even if they are unlocked.

7. You cannot steal from another persons armour stands or item frames.

8. You cannot steal another persons animals/mobs/villagers. If they are clearly "owned", you should not take them.

9. You are not allowed to set a home in or near someone else's base without their permission. Permission to set home is not implied and must be explicit.

10. You are not allowed to set a teleport rune in or near someone else's base without their permission. Permission to set home is not implied and must be explicit.

11. Do not obstruct or trap teleportation points such as town spawns, homes, teleport rune locations or where a person has recently logged out.

12. Do not combat log.

13. Do not spam kill (killing the same person more than twice in the space of two hours) - Will automatically temporary ban you to the lobby for 3 hours. Same rules apply as with any other ban; ban dodging will result in a perm ban.

14. Do not kill someone using a method which avoids combat tagging. Such as: using mobs, end crystals, falling/void, fire/lava, suffocation or traps.

15. Do not create, or teleport people into, traps.

Fair gameplay
16. Do not exploit in-game bugs.

17. Do not use duplication glitches.

18. Do not bypass the AFK system.

19. Do not use exploits from TMM features.

20. Do not use hacked clients/mods.

21. Do not use xray (resource pack, mod, or in-game glitch).

22. No discrimination in chat (racism, anti-semitism, sexism, xenophobia, disablism, etc.).

23. Respect others.

24. Do not spam messages (private and public).

25. Do not excessively use CAPS LOCK.

26. Do not DOX other users (revealing private, personal information).

27. Do not be toxic.

28. Do not send personal insults. Will be judged by whether offence is caused.

29. Do not advertise.

It is up to the moderators on how they choose the punishment. They are permitted to give a longer ban if you mislead, obstruct or attempt to mislead (through logging off) a moderator.

Moderators will give you a clear and simple ban reason.

Evidence will be taken by moderators in the case of an appeal.

Users will be given notice of 24 hours of a change to the rules, before the change is enforced.

Dodging bans through an alternative account will result in a permanent IP-based ban on you. A successful appeal after this will only work on the original account. Accounts banned for "ban dodging" will not be unbanned.
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