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VIP+ and VIPX's can now make their signs look EXTRA cool!
Hello TMM'ers!

Today I've added a new donor perk for VIP+ and VIPX! Sign borders! These sign borders will appear when you type a special phrase into the top line of your sign! Take a look:


The top 3 signs are available for VIP+ and can be accessed by typing the following into the top line of your sign:
Wood border - :woodborder: or :wb:
Gold border - :goldborder: or :gb:
White border - :whiteborder:

The bottom row are all coloured variants of the white border, and are available to VIPX, they can be done as so:
Green border - :greenborder:
Aqua border - :aquaborder:
Red border - :redborder:
Pink border - :pinkborder:
Yellow border - :yellowborder:
Blue border - :blueborder:
Orange border - :orangeborder:

You can get VIP+ and VIPX in-game for gems, or permanently at https://donate.tmm.gg/

- Scott
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