Private Discord Channels

Private Discord Channels

Have you ever wanted to have private conversations on discord about an event, your town or maybe a dungeon raid?
Well now you can create totally private channels in the TMM discord server!
Our friendly TMM bot will allow you to create a channel, with a name of your choosing.
You will now have a text and a voice channel all to yourself!
Once created you can add the people you want to have access to the channels, either by invite link or by asking the bot to add them!
If you no longer want someone to have access, the bot will kick them for you too!

Create a room!
Create a channel with the following, replacing NAME with the awesome name of your new channel!
-channel create NAME
The channel will appear at the bottom of the discord server in the Private Channels section.


Add your friends!
Now you can ask the bot to add someone as follows:
-channel add PLAYERNAME
You will need their Discord name (without the numbers or #)

Remove the haters!
If someone is no longer required in the channel, you ask the bot to kick that person
-channel kick PLAYERNAME
Just like that the user will be removed from the channels!

Where were those rooms I created...
If you can't remember what channels you have, the bot can DM you a list

-channel list