Survival player heads

either a slight increase to the chance of getting a player head from pvp or a back alley npc who sells you your head only meaning i wouldnt be able to buy your head only mine, with first purchase being a one time price then increased after first purchase.
it could be role-played as a Sculpturist where you have to wait x amount of time for him/her to sculpt the bust of your head but i dont know how much coding that would involve.
the main reason i post this is that players dont like the spam in chat of name was killed by name.
i dont mind it personally as its just text on my screen.
i kinda see it as a positive as players are interacting with one another but i know others find it annoying.
payment for the head could even be set to gems or something seeing as gems are very valuable and so would also be
valuable to the npc.
just an idea tho.