New server system!

Hey everyone!

We have big news! Today we've ordered a new server system to move TMM over to. This means that within a day or two, we will announce a short maintenance period where all TMM services will be down (except the website).

What can we expect from this?
Well, we are improving every part of our hardware, the lowest upgrade is the CPU, which is only improving a bit more than double from our current performance (we won't specify more about the new system since there are quite a few copycats out there, and of course, security!)

During the move, we will also clean up the software end of the system. (We're not just moving everything straight over). We can assure you that the survival and creative worlds, inventories, mcmmo skills, pets, and all your in-game progress will be moved over - so there is no need to worry1

How will this affect you?
You will not be able to play on TMM during the transition period.

Why are we doing this?
We very rarely, even when we screw something up, hit our current hardware limits. But thanks to a few new systems, the new players the past few weeks and our future plans, we'll be expecting more new players. We need more 'juice' to power our big plans, like an upcoming revamp of the creative server, a robust RPG experience, new and fun events for players and even more secret plans that we can't even tell you about yet!

We'll continue you posted about when you can expect the maintenance to take place. It will be in the next few days!

You may also see cage in the way our Discord server looks!

Cheers everyone! ?