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New mobs in Survival!

mobs header.png

Introducing: Brand new MOBS!
We're testing out a new feature that both Scott and I think you'll love!

There is now 4 new mobs that spawn in the normal survival world: Shark, Jellyfish, Hermitcrab and Scorpid! There are some interesting things about them like very well done animations.
All done without client mods :)

  • Spawns on sand anywhere in the world.
  • Can spawn in a group or alone.
  • Drops nautilus shells.
  • Will run from players!

  • Spawns in all oceans.
  • Attacks players.
  • Creates blood particles in the water when it hits you.
  • Drops raw cod.

  • Spawns in all oceans.
  • Can spawn alone or in a bigger group.
  • Drops slime balls.
  • Will poison you with nausea if you swim into it.

  • Spawns in Badlands (Mesa).
  • Drops spider eyes (75% chance) and fermented spider eyes (25% chance).
  • Acts like a spider, so it's friendly in daylight.