• During the transition from 1.16 to 1.17, we have set up a temporary map where you can explore the 1.17 features with the TMM community whilst we work hard at making the full TMM experience compatible! Click here to see the 1.17 FAQ

Kit Battle comes to lobby

Kit Battle returns to TMM after a 5 year sleep!
What is a "kit battle" you may ask? Well. It's like Kit PVP, where you unlock bundles of items to fight each other in. Normally these items are limited to what is available in regular Minecraft, but in TMM, we do extra! Our kits allow you to quickly get away, spawn horses, and more!

You can unlock these kits using gems or souls - a currency you unlock by slaughtering fellow players!

Take a look at our first map! Utilising custom blocks, including some from 1.17!

Thanks @Teddling for building the arena!

Here's our trailer from the original kit battle (we'll probably make a new one):

You can play now by going to lobby and turning around! Enjoy!