HOTFIX: Resource Packs

Hey everyone!

If you've been having issues with the server resource packs recently (purple and black cubes instead of the hat textures), we'd just like to let you know that we've issued a fix for it! You don't have to do any work for the fix to apply either!

What happened?
We've been hard at work making new hats to come soon(tm) to the crates, and we were just adding them to the feather object, just like the other hats. However, we had forgotten that Minecraft has a limitation of how many custom models you can add to a singular item - and we passed that threshold by a large margin! That meant not only did all the CUSTOM models break, but so did the normal feather. Some people didn't see this issue because Optifine automatically fixes it.

But now it's fixed for everyone! We'll know not to do that many models next time lol!