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Hardcore survival

Hardcore Survival will be discontinued on 14 April 2021
Hi everyone!

A few months ago we launched the hardcore survival server, which we intended to be a really simple vanilla Minecraft experience. The purpose was to have an anything-goes type server.

Unfortunately, due to this we have had some confusion on whether hacked clients were allowed on that server or not. On top of this, we've seen a lack of interest from the community. Therefore, from next week (14th April), we will be closing down the hardcore server.

Why don't we shut it down immediately? One simple answer. Titles. We're giving everyone ONE WEEK to grab as many hardcore titles as they can, before it's too late!

Cheers, and good luck!
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Understandable, might as well say it now then.
If anyone wants free stuff, my base is in a wall on the cords "1571, 66, 4715". Do whatever you want, I don't mind :)