Happy Halloween!

Welcome to a spooky version of TMM, our Halloween event will run from right now until the 1st of November.

We've got some new features and temporary things for you guys and it's important that any TMM player know about these:

  • New Minigame in survival: Village Defence
    • Defend a village of villagers from the hordes of zombies in this all out horde mode!
    • In this minigame you can earn GEMS.
  • Halloween crate with 36 new pets.
    • You will not be able to obtain these again after Halloween, but you may keep using the ones you unlocked.
    • These new pets come as a consumable item to unlock them, so if you get one you already have you might want to throw it on the auction house.
  • New custom mob out in the world.
    • A little trick or treating trickster is about during night-time!
    • Kill this one for a cookie, or a 10% chance of a Halloween KEY!

Enjoy <3 and don't scare your friends too much!
/Fred & Scott