General Update

Hey guys,
We've made a few small changes today which individually wouldn't be enough for a post. So here they are!

Custom mobs are back

That's right! We've re-enabled custom mobs. We think the lag issue has been solved, but we'll continue to monitor it closely!
Read about custom mobs here:

Towny notifications
You may notice the way Towny tells you that you've entered a town has now been moved to your action bar, instead of the middle of your screen. You may also notice a couple new icons to help you tell if you're on a home block or a outpost.

Home block


Outpost block



Due to issues with 1.16.3, our live map is currently non-functional. We'll let you know once it's compatible again!

Upgraded server information page
We've updated the information available on the survival server page on our website to include new features, and to correct changed things. You can take a look at the page by clicking here

Cheers all!