February Dungeons Update

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After MANY hours of work we finally present to you a completely new dungeons system, updated dungeons, new bosses, new gear, new items and more excitement then ever.

List of changes

General Changes:
  • New dungeons system, where each group of a dungeon is no longer a sign but now a separate dungeon accessible from GUI menus.
    • We only have 1 group per dungeon open until we feel 100% done with the dungeon.
  • New Score high score system.
    • Get points from mob kills, boss kills and opening loot chests.
    • Later on we will add more loot to the final boss of each dungeon depending on how high your score is.
  • Dungeons now have a time limit.
  • 3 new dungeons voice rooms in Discord.
    • Max 5 people per room.
  • New animated blocks feature.
    • Doors, walls, traps, bridges and more can move, open and close.
    • Puzzles, objectives and other things might be good to keep in mind.
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  • New Dungeons lobby world.
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  • New craftable item: Magic Shield
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  • New craftable item: Magic Bow
    • 1613853317090.png
  • New upgrade recipe: Magic Shield
    • 1613853426658.png
  • New upgrade recipe: Magic Bow
    • 1613853442488.png
  • New Epic Crate loot: Lucky Coin
    • Also drops from Hogron.
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Starship Changes:

We've generally changed Starship so that it's a great place for a beginner to start doing dungeons, get some diamonds, netherite scrap, arrows or maybe a Magic Ingot or two for your first greatsword.
  • Fixed loot of boss
  • Added more possible items to boss.
  • Added random loot to lootchest.

Dahlrunn Changes:
  • New Boss: Creek
  • New Boss: Hogron
  • New Mob: Grave Robber
  • New Mob: Grave Robber Ranger
  • New Mob: Grave Ravanger
  • New Mob: Grave Summoner
  • New Mob: War Piglin
  • New Mob: War Hoglin
  • Changed name of bosss "???" to "Aquabulla".
  • Changed droptable for Aquabulla
    • Now drops "Lost Key"
  • Added new sounds to Rimwit (Balrog sounds form the LOTR movie).
  • Changed name of "Goblin warrior" to "Goblin Sword Warrior" and "Goblin Club Warrior"
  • Changed name of high level mobs to "Strong" in the beginning of the name.
    • E.g. "Strong Goblin Archer"
  • Strong mobs can no longer be pushed back.
  • All chests now contain random loot, it's worth exploring all of them each time.
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