Dahlrunn polishing update


  • Fixed an issue with some rooms being empty after you walk close enough to spawn mobs, then move away far enough for them to despawn.
    • Mobs no longer despawn during a dungeon run, they despawn when the dungeon ends or when the last player leaves.
  • Players where pulling Borghild out of the library, which made the fight too easy.
    • You can't leave the library until Borghild dies now.
  • Reduced the velocity of the Goblin Kings charge ability, so that he might jump off the ledge a bit less now.
  • Goblins now have a 10% chance to drop Raw Rabbit.
  • Goblin King now spawns other Goblins around him during the fight and interacts with them in a few new ways.
  • Goblin Witchdoctors now have a 50% chance to revive other goblins that die near them as Goblin Skeletons.

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