• During the transition from 1.16 to 1.17, we have set up a temporary map where you can explore the 1.17 features with the TMM community whilst we work hard at making the full TMM experience compatible! Click here to see the 1.17 FAQ

Custom crafting & Some updated item models

update (1).png

New crafting table recipes and a new model for the Magic Greatsword.

All new updated crafting recipes:

  • Magic Ingot now requires 1 Nether Star, 1 Netherite ingot, 1 diamond, 2 gold ingot.​
  • Magic Apple now requires 1 apple and 1 magic ingot.​
  • Magic Helmet now requires 5 Diamonds, 1 crown jewel, 1 Ceremonial feather and 1 Scrap metal.​
  • Magic Greatsword now requires 2 Magic ingots and 1 Stick.​
  • Magic Shield now requires 2 Yoggs Tooth, 2 Rift shards, 1 Strange Goo and 1 Dark Essence​
The rest of the recipes are not changed but can be found in the crafting table (except Ectoplasm recipes + crystal recipes)

We have also updated the models of the Greatsword and the Magic apple.