Custom crafting & Some updated item models

update (1).png

New crafting table recipes and a new model for the Magic Greatsword.

All new updated crafting recipes:

  • Magic Ingot now requires 1 Nether Star, 1 Netherite ingot, 1 diamond, 2 gold ingot.​
  • Magic Apple now requires 1 apple and 1 magic ingot.​
  • Magic Helmet now requires 5 Diamonds, 1 crown jewel, 1 Ceremonial feather and 1 Scrap metal.​
  • Magic Greatsword now requires 2 Magic ingots and 1 Stick.​
  • Magic Shield now requires 2 Yoggs Tooth, 2 Rift shards, 1 Strange Goo and 1 Dark Essence​
The rest of the recipes are not changed but can be found in the crafting table (except Ectoplasm recipes + crystal recipes)

We have also updated the models of the Greatsword and the Magic apple.