Hey everyone! I hope you're well.

We've got a really big update here. We've been working on a new creative server for a while and we're so glad to finally show you! This post will go through everything new :)

Same map, different spawn

That's right! We've decided to keep the current map. It's always a bit daunting when the world is empty, and why would we throw away builds that are so good?

However... the spawn left something to be desired. From a hologram in the middle of the road, to this brand new center for information and beauty!


A /menu with utilities
We've added a gui that can be accessed with /menu with a bunch of utilities which are set out here:
  • Guide book - with information on how to claim plots and add friends to them!
  • Player heads menu​
  • NEW: Armor stand tools - manipulate and edit armor stands to have cool poses!​
  • NEW: Banner generator - Make and save cool banner designs from an easy to use GUI​
  • NEW: Armor dye menu - Perfect for roleplay​
  • NEW: Night vision - easy enough right?​
  • NEW: No Clip - enable/disable the ability to go through blocks!
  • NEW: Advanced fly - Classic style fly, which stops you immediately rather than gliding.
Minigames & competitions
We've made build battle an actual minigame! Compete in rapid fire rounds to build in themes and rate eachother's builds!

The build battle competition we used to run is now called Build Competition and you can read up about that at

We've increased the maximum amount of plots you can have from 2 to 4! Remember you can merge plots to make mega plots!

A first in TMM history! The creative server now has its own online map, available at

However... it's not the usual dynmap.. we've brought in something new. This new program is called "BlueMap" and we think it's really cool! Here are two picures, try guess which one is in-game and which one is on the website:



hint: it's the second one!

Pets you win in the pet crate on survival are now also available on creative too! Just use /mpet

So.. how do you get to creative?
Easy! do /creative