Changes to hardcore and survival

Hi everyone,

This will be my last post before Christmas. So let's just get into it!

  • Survival now has a new list of rules to abide by. You can read them here. One important one to note is rule 13.
    • Rule 13 states
      Do not spam kill (killing the same person more than twice in the space of two hours) - Will automatically temporary ban you to the lobby for 3 hours. Same rules apply as with any other ban; ban dodging will result in a perm ban.
  • Chest protections have been added. All future chests will automatically be protected, however currently existing chests will have to be manually locked with /lock.

  • We have changed the "no hacking" rule to "no cheating" to make dupe glitches illegal as well.
  • When you die, you will now be IP-banned. This means you cannot cheat death with an alt account.
  • When you die, you will now only be banned for 1 HOUR instead of 3.

We hope you enjoy,
and from me... Merry Christmas!

- Scott