Good morning everyone,

There appears to be a lot of confusion being spread about bans made in the last 24 hours. Here is a post to clarify it all.

Rule 5 in our Discord server states:
Do not advertise anything. Publicly, through DM's or through your status. If you're unsure what's advertising, ask Scott
Rule 32 on our Minecraft server states:
Do not advertise.
When we say "anything", we mean it. Whether it is a product, your Twitch channel, another server, or your town discord server. It is point blank not allowed. Especially if you haven't run it by me first.

Advertising is always a permanent ban on first offence. You must always appeal an advertising ban if you wish to come back. Attempting to cover up advertising though? That's just as bad.

If you have a Discord server for your town/nation, you should probably delete it if you don't want to end up banned. We have many alternative options, which allows us to make sure everyone is safe, for example, the community tab on the website.