Survival News

Here you can see the latest about our survival server.
You can now find an NPC of this guy in the staff house @ /spawn

New milestone rewards for referrals:
  • 5 Referrals: 5 000 coins
  • 15 referrals: epic key + 7500 coins
  • 30 referrals: 5 epic keys + 15000 coins
Those are on top of what you get for each one! See them all in the updated /guide


New Towny guides

By clicking on towny in /guide you will now find multiple towny guides. Enjoy!


Scott and I can't express how much love we feel on the daily when all of you enjoy playing on TMM, we put a lot of effort into the server and nothing is better then you all playing. This month something has happened that has not happened in a while, we have received donations to cover our machine rent this month!

So we're throwing an event! You can now enjoy these perks until the last of November:
  • 10% more XP for McMMO.
  • 25% more XP for all jobs.
  • 3 times...
Hey hey hey!

We've got some updates for teleport runes tonight!

Redstone activated
Teleport runes can now be activated by redstone!

Enter Stealth Mode
Rune blocks can now be put into silent mode - meaning that there is no activation sound, or lightning effect. To do it, all you need to do is place soul sand underneath the teleport rune.

You can no longer use splash teleport potions to steal mobs from towns or marketplace...

That's right! Tonight I've added the ability to directly trade with other users. This saves you from needing to meet at spawn or risk going through the auction house.

This how it works,

To start a trade with someone, do the command /trade username (replace username with the user you want to trade with).

Hey! Back again with another update! This time, to spawn.

Tonight I added an elytra race course to spawn! You can find it on the other side of the parkour challenge. The objective is to fly through all the rings the fastest! To ensure you can play fairly, I've also added a buttom which counts you down! Take a look at these screenshots!



Hey everyone! Very exciting update for vehicles today!

From today, you will be able to get TRACTORS from the vehicles crate!

They come in 3 colours! Red, yellow and green!

Tractors aren't just a showcase vehicle though! As with the drill, they serve a purpose! By driving over farmland, the tractor will harvest and replant crops as you go! They can also be used to start a farm by placing seeds into the trunk! - all...
Hello TMM:ers!

Today we've decided upgrade the VIP ranks quite a bit and the way we see them.

Changes to how you can get the VIP ranks:
  • GEM shops on survival:
    • The options here have changed to 1, 2 or 3 weeks duration.
  • There is no longer any duration on the ranks when you buy them directly on donate.tmm,gg
    • ...
  1. The ability to disguise as your pet. This makes you look like your pet.
  2. The ability to RIDE your pet.
We've added these 2 new pet perks to different VIP ranks.



  • VIP+ can disguise
  • VIPX can disguise and ride

This does not mean that all pets are made to be ridden, so some of them you might sit inside of them and...
This was the winner of the October pet competition suggestions.

Hi all,

Tonight I've added protocol support for 1.16.4 - this means that you can connect with 1.16.4 but any features added with this update won't work for the time being.

If you don't feel like updating yet, you don't need to! The server will continue to work on 1.16.3 for the time being. - I will update you again when that version becomes unsupported.

Hey all!

Tonight I've made it possible for all mobs to have the chance to drop a custom head! The chances go up if you have a looting sword too! But! This also applies to players! - But with players, once you've got one of their head, your chances of getting another drastically go down!


Hey everyone! Tonight I've added a few small things to TMM. Take a look:

Featured Creative Builds
In Creative, we're now featuring builds that we like directly in spawn! So make sure to sharpen your skills and get building some epic things! This week we've started off with Yasmin's plot!

(The board can be found to the left of creative spawn!)


Happy Halloween!

Welcome to a spooky version of TMM, our Halloween event will run from right now until the 1st of November.

We've got some new features and temporary things for you guys and it's important that any TMM player know about these:

  • New Minigame in survival: Village Defence
    • Defend a village of villagers from the hordes of zombies in this all out horde mode!...

Both Scott and I are super excited over this feature!

From now on when you click L or if you click advancements in your main menu you will find a tab called "TMM Advancements".


You will find 106 new advancements to unlock, like achievements. These will also give you some nice rewards like epic keys, vote keys, experience and more...
I've heard all the frustration with the current survival daily bonus system.

The issue have been (if you're not informed):
  • You have to be online for 25 min before you can claim a bonus
  • If you relog, disconnect or otherwise within those 25 min, the timer starts over.
I've now put a very simple fix in: The timer is now 5 minutes. Hopefully this removes any tension people could have felt with it before.
The max view distance on survival will now automatically change with performance!

Expect up to 32 view distance (most survival servers only have 10-12) most of the time, and if we ever get block lag the system will automatically bring it down. You can also see the current view distance on your sidebar (see image).

Annotation 2020-09-18 203625.png
We hear the feedback on the magic pickaxe being too expensive for what it was, it has now updated!

Except melting ore as you mine it it also has great durability and will take hundreds of blocks to even start showing damage.

But the grand new things are that shift right clicking with it makes you leap into the air and it's got an amazing visual upgrade!


Hey everyone

I know custom mobs were only announced a few hours ago, but we have encountered a serious lag issue with them which we didn't detect during testing. Due to the software our server uses, the custom mobs plugin cannot perform properly.

So because of that, we will have to temporarily remove the custom mobs until a patch has released. Once we know about that, we'll let you know!

Cheers <3

It's our first ever double XP weekend! For today, Saturday and Sunday only, get these benefits:
  • DOUBLE XP on all McMMO skills
  • DOUBLE XP on all jobs
  • DOUBLE money on all jobs

This also replaces the old "Happy Hour", which was boring!

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