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Hey all!

Tonight I've added 15 new emoji!

Out of those 15, 12 are COMPLETELY FREE TO USE:

😭 🥶 🤢 😳 💪 🖕 💀 👀 🤷‍♂️ 🔥 🙌 👏
The final three are winnable through the Cosmetic crate:

🤖 🔫 🤡
To see how to do them, do /guide and click the emoji guide!

- Scott
Hey all!

Teleport runes should now be working perfectly fine again! It was due to an issue with the reources world. So we took this opportunity to give the resources world a big nice update!

When you do /resources or /res now, you will be greeted with this GUI asking for which dimension you want:

Yup! That's right! We have 3 new resource worlds! These will reset weekly and will feature a countdown clock at each of their...
Hey all,

Just writing to give everyone an update on teleport runes.

I have managed to enable them with a temporary solution whilst we work with the developers to create a permanent solution. You still have access to any runes you previously made.

Please understand that teleport runes may be out of service after server restarts (you can see when server restarts take place here}

Thanks for your patience 💙
  • Much better rewards
  • Has nice magic effect around her when your claim is ready.
  • The bonuses goes to day 30 before starting over.
  • Achievements.





Today we've added custom enchantments to the survival server, here is a clear list of them + how to obtain them.

Why do we want these?
First off, they are cool? Second, the enchantment table has no use these days (everyone uses villagers only), we're bringing it back! These enchants can ONLY be found using an enchantment table setup.
To add more spice to it, they are more likely to appear on an item then on a book.

The enchants
  • Farmhand
    • Max level: 2...

Happy 2nd of December! Don't forget to open your advent calendar <3


Today we've added the first quest to the survival server, it's quite a simple one but it gives you a nice reward + teaches you how basic quests work.

We've also added a compass at the top of your screen, this will be used to some quests (markers are added to it if it's a quest that requires direction). Anyone who has played big...

Hey everyone!

It's the 1st of December, so you know what that means? ... TMM CHRISTMAS EVENT

Throughout the month, you can expect TMM to look very festive - and expect new exclusive pets, items and advancements! Let's go through them all one by one!

Advent Calendar
[ATTACH type="full" width="771px"...
I've done some updating today, just before we launch the December update, so stay tuned for that one.


  1. All pets now come as pet items, right click the item to learn the pet.
    1. You can not learn the same one again after you used that item.
    2. Old pets + pets you already know can be learnt again to count towards new achievements, see below.
  2. 45 new achievements added, so we have 150...
You can now see how well you're doing on the survival server, the stats page is updated and we're working on automating the daily updates again.

Make sure you check out the hall of fame, and your own profile on there!



When you win one of these pets, you get an item that you can right click to learn the pet, or you can trade them to another player.

Careful when you click the key on the crate, so you dont accidently learn the pet once you get the item (like you sometimes instantly put on a new hat from the cosmetic crate).


Hello there TMMers!

Here's an update to how quick travel works from spawn, after you click the NPC use your scroll wheel or W and S to move up and down options, then right click the npc or click spacebar to choose option.

Random teleporting is now quicker since you walk up to the npc, click once and then double click on him to teleport.

Got talk to him and see what options you have!




We know how difficult it can be to catch up on all our updates... we post quite a lot of them every week! So now, Fred and I agreed that we should start uploading weekly videos to briefly explain exactly what we’ve done during that week.

Here’s our first instalment:

If you enjoy these update videos and want to see more, make sure to like, comment and subscribe!


Today Scott and I have done massive upgrades to systems and plugins, we've also done a few changes at the same time.

Towny changes & Bug fix
  • BUG FIXED: We encountered a bug where town banks gets reset, this has been fixed and we gave every town bank 10 000 coins (we have no idea how many coins each bank had before)
  • If you make a person an outlaw in your town, they can no longer enter the town.
    • They are teleported...
Hey all,
Throughout today I've been updating bits and pieces of the server to make them better. These aren't huge changes, but here they are:

The boards at spawn are back
We identified the issue today and have sucessfully reimplemented them.

A few changes to the tab list
As you can see from the screenshot below, we've done a number of things to tab. Firstly, there's now elements of gold in the information text. Second, the achievements...
You can now find an NPC of this guy in the staff house @ /spawn

New milestone rewards for referrals:
  • 5 Referrals: 5 000 coins
  • 15 referrals: epic key + 7500 coins
  • 30 referrals: 5 epic keys + 15000 coins
Those are on top of what you get for each one! See them all in the updated /guide


New Towny guides

By clicking on towny in /guide you will now find multiple towny guides. Enjoy!


Scott and I can't express how much love we feel on the daily when all of you enjoy playing on TMM, we put a lot of effort into the server and nothing is better then you all playing. This month something has happened that has not happened in a while, we have received donations to cover our machine rent this month!

So we're throwing an event! You can now enjoy these perks until the last of November:
  • 10% more XP for McMMO.
  • 25% more XP for all jobs.
  • 3 times...
Hey hey hey!

We've got some updates for teleport runes tonight!

Redstone activated
Teleport runes can now be activated by redstone!

Enter Stealth Mode
Rune blocks can now be put into silent mode - meaning that there is no activation sound, or lightning effect. To do it, all you need to do is place soul sand underneath the teleport rune.

You can no longer use splash teleport potions to steal mobs from towns or marketplace...

That's right! Tonight I've added the ability to directly trade with other users. This saves you from needing to meet at spawn or risk going through the auction house.

This how it works,

To start a trade with someone, do the command /trade username (replace username with the user you want to trade with).


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