RPG server (Open to beta testing later this year)

To join simply connect to mc.tmm.gg just like any of our servers.


First of all, it's an adventure mode server. This means that you can not place or break blocks (with exceptions due to gameplay, like mining ore in caves).
If you ever played a RPG like Skyrim or an MMORPG like World of Warcraft you'll have a good understanding of what this project aims at.
For those that have not played a bigger RPG before, think one of them single player custom Adventure mode story maps you can download and then multiply that by 100.

Example Features

You'll be able to be a mage, warrior, rogue, marksman or paladin.

You'll have a wide range of abilities no matter what class you choose. Examples could be: Teleport a short distance and create a vortex that explodes after 3 seconds as a mage, or sprint really fast to catch your target as a rogue. We have plans for over 50 spells / abilities in the class system.

Due to us custom coding every dialogue and every quest a whole city of NPCs might unlock new and cool dialogue + quests when you adventure in that area.

No matter if you play solo or with a bunch of friends that you found ingame or brought to the server, you will be able to venture deep into hostile dungeons to defeat bosses and get great loot for you and your party.

As you travel the world you will find plenty of villages and citys, once you explore one of these you will be able to warp back to them (on a cooldown).

Throughout leveling up your character and exploring the world you will be able to purchase and find mounts of different run speeds, so you don't have to travel on foot.

All such items are bound to classes and the level of your character, so you will find more powerful items the higher level you are and higher difficulty of content you explore. You will also be able to farm materials to craft gear that is on the same level as the boss fights on high level.

I think this might have been obvious at this point, but the entire world is handcrafted by our team.