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  1. Esron

    Daily Quest ideas (earn yourself an Epic Key)

    Love it
  2. Esron

    Daily Quest ideas (earn yourself an Epic Key)

    Since so many basic ideas are being made I figured I'd make a crazy example: Bring ingredients X Y Z to kate so she can make a pizza. Deliver the pizza to NPC X in the spawn city. 3 Bring the money earned from the pizza back from NPC X to Kate.
  3. Esron

    New community chests!

    Looks nice :)
  4. Esron

    Daily Quest ideas (earn yourself an Epic Key)

    Dungeons daily quests will be separate from what we're talking about here :)
  5. Esron

    Daily Quest ideas (earn yourself an Epic Key)

    Let me clarify, original ideas gets keys. "Kill X mobs" or "mine x blocks" that anyone in the staff team already thought out, will not get a key.
  6. Esron

    Daily Quest ideas (earn yourself an Epic Key)

    Hello! Currently we're working on a new daily quest system from the survival spawn, so you can choose your difficulty and get a random quest within that difficulty. Please post your ideas for quests below, if we end up using your idea I'll give you an epic key <3 A lot of ideas are already...
  7. Esron

    Closed Ban appeal

    You are responsible for your account, not us. We get so many people telling us it was their siblings, and we never buy it. Appeal denied.
  8. Esron

    Spoiler: Dungeons update, big spoiler now in /spawn

  9. Esron

    New VIP perk: Armor Stand editing, posing, baby version and more

    New perks: VIP+ and VIPX can now place armor stands with arms. VIPX can now edit armor stands to do cool poses! This includes removing the bottom plate and making baby armor stands. CLICK HERE to see all VIP perks.
  10. Esron

    Closed Ban appeal for ban evasion

    Hi. We do not accept appeals for ban dodging. This alt account will remain banned as it is against the rules and it's marked on as a reason we don't accept. (from the rules list)
  11. Esron

    Closed Ban appeal

    That's not what we where talking about. I am not writing this to justify the ban, just to explain how you get banned. Typical example: 1. Digs in "random" spot of stone in an tunnel (actual example of where you dug). 2. Finds a vain of ore: If you do that enough times, without fail. It's...
  12. Esron

    NEW CONTINENT: Nether biome

    I KNOW! :)
  13. Esron

    NEW CONTINENT: Nether biome

    Welcome to the all new island on Survival, who will explore it first?! Enjoy: Nether mobs in the overworld Nether wastes Lava lakes Huge cave systems Underground warped forests Warped forests Plateau crimson forests
  14. Esron

    Adat, welcome to the moderator team!

  15. Esron

    Teaser: overworld expansion (Wonder if there will be any evil lairs on this island)

    If by bad you mean dangerous and fun, VERY!
  16. Esron

    Denied trident

    You can not tp away from a trident throw, no matter if its /spawn /home or a tp rune.
  17. Esron

    New voting system live!

    A brand new more reliable voting system is now live on Towny Survival, use /vote when you are in-game. The new system rewards players according to % chances and will reward you on each server you want rewards on. For now we only do survival rewards and add more another day. Towny Survival...
  18. Esron

    Fixed hack.

    After we got hacked tonight a few things were done to us: All spawns in all servers where deleted (500 blocks in every direction). Bunch of our NPCs died in void including all their settings. Bunch of players were killed on Survival and lost their inventories. Here's whats happened now: We...
  19. Esron

    Teaser: Dungeons