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Recent content by Peanut.9862

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    Denied Attempting to buy VIP.

    User name: Peanut.9862 Apr 21, 2021 What is your in-game username? 9862 What server does this bug take place on? Lobby Title of report Attempting to buy VIP. What happens? When I try and buy VIP, the only option available to purchase it with is PayPal, a service which I do not...
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    Dungeons Disabling Greatsword KB affecting players.

    i was playing dungeons with a few people and they were accidentally using their greatsword to knock me off the map in dahlrunn, so it would be good if that was changed so you cant accidentally knock teammates off :)
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    Survival Auto-Harvest crops with a right click.

    When you right click a fully grown crop, eg. carrots, it automatically harvests the crops, drops the amount of carrots -1, and replants instantly. This is just a minor QoL feature that I think will make everyone's (really just mine) experience way (a tiny bit) better.