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    Pending temp-world end farlands

    Figured hehe
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    Pending temp-world end farlands

    The things you do for an elytra ;)
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    Pending temp-world end farlands

    Since we barely run any plugins on that server atm this is a 1.17 server software bug. Please just bridge out for now.
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    fixing bears and wolfs to be more realistic.

    We can however fix the range of them.
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    Custom crafting & Some updated item models

    New crafting table recipes and a new model for the Magic Greatsword. All new updated crafting recipes: Magic Ingot now requires 1 Nether Star, 1 Netherite ingot, 1 diamond, 2 gold ingot. Magic Apple now requires 1 apple and 1 magic ingot. Magic Helmet now requires 5 Diamonds, 1 crown...
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    There already is one.
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    Comment below what pet we should make next, react and upvote other peoples. The most popular om monday (the 31st of May) will be made! Winner gets the pet unlocked right away, others win it from the pet crate.
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    Pending pet dissapeared

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    Pet Update: 8 Star Wars pets & 7 Elite Dragons

    They are all in the pet crate, go vote and get them now! Examples:
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    Molten Spirits & Lava Stones

    Introducing a custom mob in the nether The all new Molten Spirit will make the nether a bit more interesting for everyone. 3% chance to spawn. 10% chance to drop a custom material called Lava Stone. Can not spawn above the bedrock roof. Can not spawn on lava. Custom achievements/advancements...
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    Custom Mobs returning & new achievements

    Open world Custom Mobs return to TMM! After being sidelined for a while we've taken open world custom mobs back into the game! To begin with you have over 70 animals to find, take screenshots of, survive against and try to survive against! It's amazing to watch the animals go about their day...
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    Pending advancement: balanced Diet is busted

    Did you figure out that you're trying to complete a 1.17 advancement or does this message teach you that?
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    Fixed Did not receive daily reward

    If there is a bug I can find, sure. Which day was that?
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    Pending Deadbeard's Cove Death Despawn Boss

    Did you spawn at the checkpoint on the bridge to the boat or a checkpoint earlier then that?