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    I am the primary cause of TMM deforestation.

    I am the primary cause of TMM deforestation.
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    Closed Ban appeal

    Hello, My fellow Mod and I decided that your mining patterns were very suspicious, which is why you were banned. You also admitted to hacking when originally asked about it. You've also accepted responsibility for your actions, and simultaneously denied those actions. If you'd like to appeal...
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    Accepted ChallengerBoo - Moderator Application

    What is your in-game username? ChallengerBoo What is your date of birth? Apr 21, 2000 What is your Discord username? BellaBoo#9826 Where are you based? United Kingdom How long have you been a member of TMM for? I joined nearly 2 months ago, 156 hours of playtime on survival How...
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    /qs find or similar

    Second suggestion of the day, sorry. This will be a short one lol Some servers have a command called /qs find, or a similar command to point you in the direction of a specific, nearby chestshop. This would be useful in /mp, as going from shop to shop looking for a specific item can be a little...
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    Plugin Suggestion - Artmap

    I've recently tested to see if it's possible to make map art in the resource world and then carry that art into the main world, and it doesn't work, so I propose another way for members to make map art. Artmap is a plugin that adds the easel block, which allows you to use an empty map as a blank...
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    Dungeon Idea...s :)

    Ok this first suggestion came to me in a dream- bare with me. A wild west/robot themed dungeon. A boss could be a cyborg or robot cowboy sheriff who throws his hat out like a frisbee as an attack. Another boss could be a bullet hell style cactus? Maybe Goblin like enemies could be tumbleweeds...
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    More control for towny plugin plots

    I don't know if this is something that can be added, but some way to set towny plots in a way more specific than chunks would be great. I know you can allow and disallow permissions for different chunks in your town for town members, but I feel that a way to set a plot similar to how they work...
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    Fixed /msg and /r stop working intermittently

    User name: ChallengerBoo What is your in-game username? ChallengerBoo What server does this bug take place on? Towny Survival Title of report /msg and /r stop working intermittently What happens? When using /msg and /r in a one to one conversation, chat sometimes throws up an...
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    POLL: Which looks better?

    A is more informative, but I think B looks better. Maybe the hand from B with either an L or R for left or right mouse click? So basically C. I vote C. xD
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    Fixed Gem count on sidebar showing "%tm_tokens%" as appose to gem count

    Shows on all worlds, some of the time. I've labelled this as occurring in the creative server as that is what's pictured, but it happens in Survival and Parkour too.