Every map now shows your own best time in the menus + all classic maps show you time left until next reward.
Hello! A little update to the test dungeon:

  • You can now bring your own weapons.
  • Fire Mages now take VERY little damage from arrows, use swords!
  • The boss has 1000 health instead of 1500.
  • Your team now has 3 spare lives, instead of 2!


Thank you for the 2 month patience! <3
Our test dungeon Starship is now up again.

The difference is you can not bring your own Sword or Bow, you get a sword and bow when you enter.
You can bring other things just like before, potions, food, arrows etc.

Now the hard work keeps going on Dahlrunn, to get a BIG epic dungeon live asap!

I'm here once again to give one final update before I pack in and go to bed for the night.

I've made a handful of modifications to locks and protections tonight which should be favourable for everyone!

From now, wooden doors, armor stands and item frames will lock when you place them.

Currently existing doors/item frames/armor stands can also be locked now too!

See this guide for more info:
Hey all!

Quick update:
You can now place and craft hopper minecarts again!

Thanks for the support JackOfTrades_, Guffballs and @Harryy

After a bit over a week of trying over and over, we finally fixed the issue on Towny Survival! <3

Here is what you need to know, things that differ from a week ago:
  • No pets, we disabled these due to a bug (not the bug that made us lag).
    • This means you can't win pet keys for the moment.
  • Donation store update.

Made by Adat_ and MountainAsh13 <3 It's quite fun and not too hard :)
Hi everyone,

This will be my last post before Christmas. So let's just get into it!

  • Survival now has a new list of rules to abide by. You can read them here. One important one to note is rule 13.
    • Rule 13 states
      Do not spam kill (killing the same person more than twice in the space of two hours) - Will...
Hi all, please see below a full list of the new survival rules. These will take effect at exactly 00:00 CET on December 25th December.

1. You cannot break other people's builds or structures.

2. You cannot build within 300 blocks of someone else's base unless you first ask for permission.

3. Natural structures which have clearly been claimed by another user, such as dungeons, villages, temples and outposts should also be left...

While our normal survival server has been down for maintenance and quite some time before that we've been working on this new beauty.

Here are some quick facts:

  • There is only 1 rule: no hacking.
  • Separate chat (not linked with the other servers)
  • 1.8 PvP system
  • 1.16 survival
  • Amplified terrain
  • Earn new titles that are usable on all TMM...
Enjoy 2 new maps with this launch, by our very own @Yasibub @AdatBoyz and @MountainAsh13 <3


Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, over the last few days, survival has been almost unplayable due to the lag. This is down to the software which we use to run the server being very unstable on 1.16.4.

We have tried and tried to resolve it over the last week, trying methods which both myself and Fred have never had to try. We eventually brought it to a poll on the website. The poll asked whether...
Bug fixes, feature additions and more!

unknown (5).png

  • No more "Failed parkour" error :love:
  • You can now log out or switch server mid parkour.
    • Your timer pauses and you can come back later.
  • NEW Category: Speed runs.
  • Challenge mode
    • Challenge friends to a healthy rage inducing parkour competition o_O
    • Challenge some friends using /pa challenge invite "username"
    • Once everyone is in you simply do /pa...
Hi there! By now you've noticed that 1.16.4 is not stable yet, we're still waiting for a version which works with 15+ players.

This makes survival unplayable almost lag wise when its a normal evening with 15-25 players.

Would you like us to pause that whole server and turn on an empty vanilla survival server (hermitcraft-like) until we have a working fix for the main survival server? This means u lose all your stuff for a few days, and you get it all back like it is now after its all done...

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