• During the transition from 1.16 to 1.17, we have set up a temporary map where you can explore the 1.17 features with the TMM community whilst we work hard at making the full TMM experience compatible! Click here to see the 1.17 FAQ


New skins for Valentine's day!
Hey everyone! We've added three new skins today for Valentine's day! Please welcome the Cupid pickaxe, Cupid Sword and Cupid Shield!
As you can see, they're very cool! And fear not! They will not leave after the 14th!

You can buy them now with coins or gems at the spawn skin...

Discord chat integration is here so that you NEVER have to miss out!
A while ago, we had a system to link the game chat with Minecraft. It was rubbish. I've decided to revisit it many moons later, and now it functions as it should!

In our Discord server, you will now see a channel at the top called 'server-chat' which will relay all messages from in-game onto Discord, including our...

It's time for an upgrade!
This evening, I have made several visual improvements to the Dynmap on survival. You can view the changes at https://tmm.gg/map

New UI
The UI was dated and old, so I have replaced it with this modern, sleek looking update!
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 02.35.02.png

How sleek is that!? 🤩

Towny Integration
Towns and...

Welcome to the all new Skins Shop in survival spawn!




Hey everyone, tonight I've upgraded some aspects of the resource pack. I feel these changes will simplify things for new users.

Remember that icon next to crates and NPC's that sorta looked like a right click button? Well forget it. I've changed it to be a full form button type texture, including font and background. Take a look!


Tonight I've implemented a refreshed design to the crates area. Credit to our staff team for building!



Fred and I would like to thank Wennira for supporting TMM by donating for VIPX. Here's a cool NPC in spawn!

Today we've taken jobs cross-server, so you can earn money from jobs in resources worlds.

  • Jobs now carry over between survival and resources.
  • The penalty for being in a job which has a high amount of players compared to other jobs will now reduce the income all the way down to 50% less, instead of 25%.
    • The gain from being in a job with low amounts of players now go to 100% extra income.
  • Jobs data has been reset, you have to pick your job again...

Are you ready to take on the evil Necromancer Kzal and his loyal horse Famine?

See info on the Dahlrunn wiki page

Dungeons are now live!
After hundreds of work hours we've finally taken dungeons server system live.

Many updated to models, items, mobs and bosses will come over time as we test and continue development.

Want to know what you can expect in terms of loot, bosses, tactics, monsters and more. Check out the dungeons wiki pages...
There is now a world border in the End world to prevent you going further than the main end island. This is due to the fact that we now have a dedicated resources end! You can access it by finding the portal in /res

If you have teleport runes, set homes, or other methods to get outside the border, please take caution as you may die now.
Hi everyone, I'm here to give you notice of a few changes to the rules for Towny Survival:

- Removed reference to automatic bans in rule 13: "Do not spam kill".

+ Rule 22: "Do not scam players"

+ Rule 23: "If you associate with someone who breaks one of these rules (16-22), you will also be banned"

References "Fair Gameplay" rules...
  • There is now Overworld, Nether and End resources worlds.
  • There is no short world border, explore as much as you can!
  • VERY easy for us to reset these worlds now.
  • If you go back and forth between normal worlds and resources you position is saved, so if ur on an end island 10 000 blocks out in the resources world, you will be on the same island next time you go to resources.
  • The resources worlds are on a seperate server from...
Hey everyone,

As @Esron noted on the 10th of January, we were hacked. In this post I'll explain how it happened, and how we're preventing it from happening again.

What happened?
TMM runs off of a proxy system. This means that when you connect to the ip "mc.tmm.gg", you aren't connecting directly to a specific part of the network. The proxy is like a Minecraft server, but it doesn't have a world, it only pushes your...
Come to the parrot in /spawn on survival!

Day 1 he has these 4 skins for ya.

FIY: Once a skin is applied, it can never be changed or removed.





Huge thanks to @iproboss and @Racussha for supporting TMM by donating! Enjoy your spawn NPCs!


In the marketplace, you will now find a "Community Chest" area where people can freely exchange items! Enjoy!

New perks:
  • VIP+ and VIPX can now place armor stands with arms.
  • VIPX can now edit armor stands to do cool poses!
    • This includes removing the bottom plate and making baby armor stands.
CLICK HERE to see all VIP perks.

unknown (7).png

Welcome to the all new island on Survival, who will explore it first?! Enjoy:
  • Nether mobs in the overworld
  • Nether wastes
  • Lava lakes
  • Huge cave systems
  • Underground warped forests
  • Warped forests
  • Plateau crimson forests

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