• There is now Overworld, Nether and End resources worlds.
  • There is no short world border, explore as much as you can!
  • VERY easy for us to reset these worlds now.
  • If you go back and forth between normal worlds and resources you position is saved, so if ur on an end island 10 000 blocks out in the resources world, you will be on the same island next time you go to resources.
  • The resources worlds are on a seperate server from...
Hey everyone,

As @Esron noted on the 10th of January, we were hacked. In this post I'll explain how it happened, and how we're preventing it from happening again.

What happened?
TMM runs off of a proxy system. This means that when you connect to the ip "", you aren't connecting directly to a specific part of the network. The proxy is like a Minecraft server, but it doesn't have a world, it only pushes your...
Come to the parrot in /spawn on survival!

Day 1 he has these 4 skins for ya.

FIY: Once a skin is applied, it can never be changed or removed.





Huge thanks to @iproboss and @Racussha for supporting TMM by donating! Enjoy your spawn NPCs!


In the marketplace, you will now find a "Community Chest" area where people can freely exchange items! Enjoy!

New perks:
  • VIP+ and VIPX can now place armor stands with arms.
  • VIPX can now edit armor stands to do cool poses!
    • This includes removing the bottom plate and making baby armor stands.
CLICK HERE to see all VIP perks.

unknown (7).png

Welcome to the all new island on Survival, who will explore it first?! Enjoy:
  • Nether mobs in the overworld
  • Nether wastes
  • Lava lakes
  • Huge cave systems
  • Underground warped forests
  • Warped forests
  • Plateau crimson forests
A brand new more reliable voting system is now live on Towny Survival, use /vote when you are in-game.

The new system rewards players according to % chances and will reward you on each server you want rewards on. For now we only do survival rewards and add more another day.

Towny Survival reward (per vote):

  • 100% chance to get 50 coins
  • 50% chance to get 1 Vote Key
  • 1% chance to get 1 Epic Key
  • 10%...
After we got hacked tonight a few things were done to us:
  • All spawns in all servers where deleted (500 blocks in every direction).
  • Bunch of our NPCs died in void including all their settings.
  • Bunch of players were killed on Survival and lost their inventories.
Here's whats happened now:
  • We have fixed the spawns.
  • We have remade the NPCs....

To get there just like before type /mp

A new wiki page will be done today explaining sizes, prices etc.
A while ago we removed the gender based titles like King/Queen was replaced by Royalty. But now you get to choose your title!
See the survival ranks wiki by clicking here.


Hats won from the cosmetic crate are now working again!


Pretty angel-like I'd say! @ChallengerBoo thanks for supporting TMM

Every map now shows your own best time in the menus + all classic maps show you time left until next reward.
Hello! A little update to the test dungeon:

  • You can now bring your own weapons.
  • Fire Mages now take VERY little damage from arrows, use swords!
  • The boss has 1000 health instead of 1500.
  • Your team now has 3 spare lives, instead of 2!


Thank you for the 2 month patience! <3
Our test dungeon Starship is now up again.

The difference is you can not bring your own Sword or Bow, you get a sword and bow when you enter.
You can bring other things just like before, potions, food, arrows etc.

Now the hard work keeps going on Dahlrunn, to get a BIG epic dungeon live asap!

I'm here once again to give one final update before I pack in and go to bed for the night.

I've made a handful of modifications to locks and protections tonight which should be favourable for everyone!

From now, wooden doors, armor stands and item frames will lock when you place them.

Currently existing doors/item frames/armor stands can also be locked now too!

See this guide for more info:
Hey all!

Quick update:
You can now place and craft hopper minecarts again!

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