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The Community Discord is now public again!
This evening I have reopened the public Discord server so that people can join! Upon joining you will be asked to read the rules and accept them. After that you will have full access until the main server returns.

When the main server returns, users will have to link their Minecraft accounts to the TMM Discord in order to use external emotes, upload...

After a bit over a week of trying over and over, we finally fixed the issue on Towny Survival! <3

Here is what you need to know, things that differ from a week ago:
  • No pets, we disabled these due to a bug (not the bug that made us lag).
    • This means you can't win pet keys for the moment.
  • Donation store update.
We've just added the donation category "gifts" so you can send your friends something nice!

The server announces who bought it and who received it in global chat.

Get your gifts here:

You can now see how well you're doing on the survival server, the stats page is updated and we're working on automating the daily updates again.

Make sure you check out the hall of fame, and your own profile on there!



We know how difficult it can be to catch up on all our updates... we post quite a lot of them every week! So now, Fred and I agreed that we should start uploading weekly videos to briefly explain exactly what we’ve done during that week.

Here’s our first instalment:

If you enjoy these update videos and want to see more, make sure to like, comment and subscribe!

Hey all!

Today is an unusual day. As today, we're announcing an update for THE WEBSITE!

We figured the website is good and all, but it lacks the ability to quickly plan and talk to specific people. So we're introducing groups! Groups will be allowed to create their own discussion area, upload photos and plan events in the event calendar!

All groups are customisable, by using "Owner tools" you can set the name, description and banner!

Invite members on the members...

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