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Here you can see the latest about our creative server.
You can now find an NPC of this guy in the staff house @ /spawn

Hi all,

Tonight I've added protocol support for 1.16.4 - this means that you can connect with 1.16.4 but any features added with this update won't work for the time being.

If you don't feel like updating yet, you don't need to! The server will continue to work on 1.16.3 for the time being. - I will update you again when that version becomes unsupported.

Hey everyone! Tonight I've added a few small things to TMM. Take a look:

Featured Creative Builds
In Creative, we're now featuring builds that we like directly in spawn! So make sure to sharpen your skills and get building some epic things! This week we've started off with Yasmin's plot!

(The board can be found to the left of creative spawn!)

Hey everyone! I hope you're well.

We've got a really big update here. We've been working on a new creative server for a while and we're so glad to finally show you! This post will go through everything new :)

Same map, different spawn

That's right! We've decided to keep the current map. It's always a bit daunting when the world is empty, and why would we...

Gems is an in-game currency you can use to buy ranks, boosts, keys and more for you and your friends, it's a cross-server currency that you can spend on any of the TMM servers.

The shops/NPCs to spend gems on survival are in /spawn on the right.
We've made sure all players get 10 gems right away when you log in for the first time after this post! <3

Gems can be earned or donated for, our goal is to make sure that dedicated players...
Hey everyone!

We're currently re-creating our creative server, and we'd like to know what you would want to see on there! We already know you want new build battle themes, and they'll come! But ANY feature you want, you should suggest to us by clicking here!

We promise that if we implement your idea, we'll give you an award when it comes time to launch!

So what are you waiting for? Help us make an awesome creative experience...

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