• During the transition from 1.16 to 1.17, we have set up a temporary map where you can explore the 1.17 features with the TMM community whilst we work hard at making the full TMM experience compatible! Click here to see the 1.17 FAQ


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It's time to name a bot!
if you are part of our Discord community, then you have probably noticed we have a bot in the sidebar, who is just called "TMM Bot"...

We want to create a bit of an identity for this bot, as they are likely to be added into the game server too in some capacity, whether it be announcements or in a quest...

Welcome to our brand new server on the network: Parkour!

The only information we're giving you in this post is:
- Amazing maps we've bought, much more coming.
- The spawn of this server isn't finished, but we can't keep you out forever <3
- We've got even more maps coming out while you are on the server playing.
- There are cool hats
- Cool trails to use
- 1 out of 4 map types are released on launch, rest will come as we...​

Scott and I can't express how much love we feel on the daily when all of you enjoy playing on TMM, we put a lot of effort into the server and nothing is better then you all playing. This month something has happened that has not happened in a while, we have received donations to cover our machine rent this month!

So we're throwing an event! You can now enjoy these perks until the last of November:
  • 10% more XP for McMMO.
  • 25% more XP for all jobs.
  • 3 times...
Asset 53.png

It's been a hard competition to judge, but we think we've come to a conclusion! We'd like to thank everyone who's entered the competition and hope you've had fun creating your entries! This is the first seasonal event we've done since 2016! Thank god it went well :D

So.. let's not waste anytime, and get into the winners!

Asset 53.png

It's time to get spooky! We have two seperate contests for you for this halloween!

Prize for each:
250 GEMS

That means we're giving away a total of 500 gems this season!

Here are the categories:

Asset 54.png

Decorate your skin by putting on a halloween costume! Spookiest wins...

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to a spooky version of TMM, our Halloween event will run from right now until the 1st of November.

We've got some new features and temporary things for you guys and it's important that any TMM player know about these:

  • New Minigame in survival: Village Defence
    • Defend a village of villagers from the hordes of zombies in this all out horde mode!...
Hey TMMers! Welcome to the first build competition of the new server! Here's the brief: We're looking for inspiration for a brand new survival dungeon! Design and build a cool dungeon with traps, mob areas, boss arenas and puzzles for a chance to win 150 gems!

On /creative, go to spawn and click the build competition NPC!

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