• During the transition from 1.16 to 1.17, we have set up a temporary map where you can explore the 1.17 features with the TMM community whilst we work hard at making the full TMM experience compatible! Click here to see the 1.17 FAQ

Discord Lockdown

Discord Update
Over the past few days, we have been working hard to re-open the Discord server. After the spam bot flood we experienced the other day, we knew we had to make TMM's Discord more secure. For that reason we've implemented new security:


Thanks to everyone for being patient, and thanks to @dbmage for working on the technical aspects of our new security!

You can...
Important Update regarding Discord unverified users

We still believe there are bad apples within the member lists on our Discord. We have already taken action to remove suspicious accounts, and this announcement sets out the next step.

At 12pm/noon (server time/CET) tomorrow, we will be kicking every unverified member from our Discord server.

To prevent yourself from getting kicked, please view the #verify channel and follow the steps. You have 24...
Announcement regarding the TMM Discord server

Due to a huge influx of advertisers infiltrating our Discord server, all server invites have been revoked. This means that no new people can join our server until we quarantine our member list - rooting out all the bad apples.

We will be conducting a flush soon to remove all suspicious accounts, so if you do not wish to be kicked from the server, make sure you verify yourself!

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1.17 may be out now, but the software to run the server is not ready yet. We'll let you know when we're updating - there will be maintenance!
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Can't wait to get TMM on the new update!
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