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Name the bot!


Asset 15.png

It's time to name a bot!
if you are part of our Discord community, then you have probably noticed we have a bot in the sidebar, who is just called "TMM Bot"...

We want to create a bit of an identity for this bot, as they are likely to be added into the game server too in some capacity, whether it be announcements or in a quest line!

So we want your help making a name for it! When the final name is chosen, it will be called "TMM Name". To submit an entry, just reply to this post! If you like someone else's idea, make sure to give them a reaction using the website system! Staff will judge the winner at the end of the month!

The winner will be given 1 month of VIPX or 400 gems if you already have the rank!

Good luck!

- Can't be named after a player or staff member.
- Can't be an existing name for a robot or character such as Jarvis, GLaDOS, etc.
- Can't be the name of a YouTuber/streamer.
- Can't be inappropriate/silly.